Our master brewers are continually experimenting with new variations of beer. While our wheelhouse is rooted in hazy New England Style IPAs, we’ve brewed everything from English Porter’s to Fruited Sours. Our flagship beer is Prime, a Citra IPA featuring a mild malt foundation that lets citra and Amarillo the hops sing. We almost always have Prime on tap, as well as a healthy mix of new brews and established standards. 

We typically release a new beer every few weeks, and are continually refreshing the rotation and bringing back perennial favorites. Come on by and sample the goods! 

While available beers are updated at the start of each business day, there is always the chance that we may run out of any brand throughout the course of the day. For this reason, we cannot guarantee availability for anything listed below.

Ready to Pour

These beers are currently available on tap or for purchase in cans.

All Beers

These beers are not currently be available at either location, but stay tuned, they may be back soon! Click on each beer to learn more.

Best Bitter
4.4% ABV
Beer, Cream Ale
5.2% ABV
West Coast Pils
4.6% ABV
Beer, Schwarzbier
5.0% ABV
American Porter
5.1% ABV
Imperial Stout
10% ABV