Food Menu

Goodfire Freeport features a varied menu that is frequently updated and cannot guarantee that a specific item will be available. This menu represents a likely selection of offerings, but certain ingredients and items may change depending on the time of your visit. Please inquire with a server if you have specific food allergens, or if you are concerned that your desired item may not be available.


  • Sweet and salty peanuts (v**, gf) 6
  • little spruce sourdough pretzel (v) 6

    honey mustard

  • pimento cheese 8

    roasted red pepper . cheddar cheese . seeded cracker

  • tortilla chips 6

    add pepita salsa 5


  • cheeseburger (gf**) 13

    smash patty . shaved onion . sliceburg . pickles . proprietary sauce . little spruce bun

  • Fried Chicken Sandwich 17

    Dill Pickle Powder . Green Mayo . Shrettuce . little spruce bun

  • griddled chicken sandwich (gf**) 13

    caesar dressing . bread crumbs . pickled onion . parmesan . little spruce bun


  • Pick your flavor 15

    smoked fresno buffalo
    gochujang bbq
    sherry, maple + sichuan peppercorn
    miso + honey mustard


add griddled chicken to any salad 6


Comes with daily fruit

  • grilled cheese (v) 8

    little spruce sourdough . american cheese

  • house made chicken nuggets 8

    sauces: miso honey mustard, green ranch, bbq, ketchup

  • Chicken wings 8

    sauces: honey mustard, bbq, plain

  • Cheeseburger 8

    ketchup . cheese


  • buttermilk biscuit (v) 8

    crème fraîche . strawberry fresno jam . tarragon

  • coconut panna cotta (gf) 8

    ginger cookie . caramelized pineapple . hibiscus

V: vegetarian.  .   v**: can be made vegan .   Gf: gluten free .   gf**: can be made gluten free

*consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.