Disco Fire

4.6% ABV

Disco Fire – West Coast Pils – 4.6% abv

WC PILS – A first for us!
Disco Fire is our Lager offering for our 6th Anniversary. Is this a style? Maybe! Is it stylish? Hecks yeah it is!
This offering was inspired by some little, American-hopped crispy lagers that our brewer Courtney drank while out West this Summer. These beers were bright and drinkable, brewed as Pilsners on the hot side, and dry-hopped like West Coast hoppy ales on the cold side. Leaning more Pils than IPL in composition and drinkability, we hopped Disco Fire with Cascade, Centennial, Simcoe, and a touch of Cryo Columbus.
It is moderately bitter, lagered to full brightness, and ripe with all of the pithy, resinous, piney flavors that these hops have to offer.

We are continually rotating beers and cannot always guarantee availability. Please understand that we may need to offer you an alternate beer for purchase if we run out of a specific selection.

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